Russian Dating

It has been 2 years of marriage for us!

We are really happy together for life, because of you guys.

Chad and Madeline, Canada

I started my LuckyLovers membership one year ago and I am so glad I did!

I've great times and met amazing people. Thank you so much. Really your site is the best over any other dating sites.

Falanj, Turkey

Thank you for your site!

I have already found a man of my dream and we are engaged now!

Best regards, Olga Kuzmina (Olga_Sever)

Thank you!

I have found one very wonderful man from Italy...I am happy now......I wish everyone is lucky )

Thanks, Olga

Thank you!

I would like to give a heartfelt thanks to all you guys (and girls) who are doing all you can to keep the site genuine and scam free. If only some of the other major sites would give this sort of attention to this problem, there would be a lot less concern, but I think you are leading the fight. THE BEST OF LUCK TO ALL OF YOU, AND THANK YOU FOR YOUR POLITENESS AND CONSIDERATION OF MY REPORTS, WHETHER ACCURATE OR NOT! It was a pleasure to deal with you all.

Thanks again. Jon

I met my wife through your website!

This is not a question, its a success story for your customers. On October 2, 2006 I received an email from Alla Chernenko(now Alla Hxxxxx). We corresponded for 7 months before I visited her in Kiev, Ukraine. We fell in love. Had the time of our life that week. So in August of 2007 I flew back and met her family in Kharkiv and had a wonderful time. I proposed to her that week and she said yes. We were married in July of 2008 and we are very happy. It was a long process getting her here. A lot of time away from each other but it was all well worth it. Now we are together and living very happily.

Thank you for your help, John Hxxxxx (Jonjonitson)

I'm truly a LUCKY LOVER

I met my great love here on LL. And as a great option I've got two girls `cause my Tanja has a lovely 10yo daughter who actually was in need for a caring father. Now we plan to get married and all that struggle about residence permit, so we can live together in my house in Sweden.

Faithfully yours, Mats H. "Kotik4U-brave"

By the road of LL!

I will go away soon. Two years back you kindled my icy heart, gave a confidence in itself, complimented with an acquaintance with remarkable men and my LOVE. I thank you! I ask are udali my old topik about jealousy. It is not present in loving hearts. You will remain a light ray in my heart. Loneliness anymore is not present.Good-bye. Successes on your important business of connection of hearts and Love.


I was a member 10 years ago!

2013 will be the year of my Tenth wedding anniversary to my lovely Wife Tanya - the Girl I met on Lucky Lovers in 2002. I cannot figure out how to leave a Testimonial to the success of our LL search for Romance.

Kind regards David & Tanya

Thank you L.L.

This is Chad right now, Madeline's husband. My wife is cooking some of her delicious Dominican dishes like this special potato salad she makes and good beans, and I asked her if I could look at the posts, and she said okay, and also if I could type something and she said yes my sweet man. I do not have a profile anymore because I had deleted way before I met my beautiful Lady Maddy and become one as a couple. I was on Luckylovers for a while. I was afraid of giving me heart to just anyone. I had my profile as friendship, because I wanted to know the woman first before it became more and not jump into conclusions. Maddy and I stayed good friends, even after I had given up on Luckylovers, I just could not find the lady I truly wanted, but Maddy was in my mind 24/7 all the time oy.

I kept contact with my lady. Except we were just friends at that time. I met her as a friend in real life in New York, since I worked in the states for almost 10 years. I would see how my lady would act around her friends. She was a true lady, and she was caring always, respected herself and others around her. I saw her sincerity in her eyes. She is hard working, and very responsible lady. I did not judge my woman for what she calls sterotypes. I learn about her culture Dominican Republic. I heard about it a few times in Canada and positive treaties between Dominican Republic and Canada. She likes my Canadian culture. I showed her many things in Canada, including Banff and the mountains, which she likes very much, I like she is an adventurous woman.

During that time we were going out as friends and with a group of friends of hers in the day. She had strict parents she lived with who wanted her home early. I thought strange at age 22 years old, but I met them and they are strict, but are honest hard working people and warm too. It seem she did not notice that I liked her so much. I know she was heartbroken. She was busy with her new goals of going to the U.K. England, and she is so intelligent, she got the job offer in Leicestershire, United Kingdom. I was proud of my lady. I also did not want to lose her. I also wanted her everyday of my life. I had had to tell her this.

We were in front of Starbucks Cafe on I think 47th street Midtown Manhattan, waiting for our friends and talking about many things as usual, such as 80's music which we both liked, school, and more. She smiled and I just blushed. I just could not stand losing her, and I needed to be with her so much for the rest of my life. I told my lady, Maddy I had been hurt before just like you, I have known you for a while and everyday I felt for you, fell deep when you smiled and your joyful laugh. You are sexy, funny, smart, beautiful, natural , genuine, does not have bad habits that many girls now days do, and so much I want in a woman. I hope it will not break our friendship Maddy. She looked at me and said some things in Spanish, and I said um. Huh. But they sound sweet. She then said I always wanted to tell you too Chad, but I did not know how. I would do anything to have true love in my life is what my lady said to me. She then explained to me why she wanted to start a new life and relationship with me.

PS: My Dominican princess and I wanted to say and forgotten to say that we got married on the 4th of March 2007. I am so happy we found one another and we both thank you luckylovers for helping us find one another. I can not think a day without my latin princess. It is mutual love forever between her and I. My lady told me to tell you thank you for all the good people she talked to on the forums, she is very social person and I also see she enjoys international people. She calm, hard working, exciting and more than amazing to me and I am to her. I see the purity in my lady's eyes.

I tell good luck to everyone.

Madeline and Chad, Canada

Dear Luckylovers

I just wanted to thank you for the use of your site which helped me find my soulmate... the love of my life. We could never be any happier then that day we married... my life has changed forever. I was a little skeptical about on line dating especially overseas...but as fate would have it... I found her... I saw her picture and I thought what a very attractive woman and instant messaged her... we chatted on line for one week before I asked her for her phone number and we talked for seven months before I flew down to Kiev to meet her for the first time.... It was instantaneous love... I asked her to marry me and tried to marry on that first trip but do to red tape... it was impossible to make it happen. I flew home to take care of all the paperwork and prepared my self for my new life and then three months later we were married in Odessa... on paper, I'ts been 6 months and I just recently flew back to the Ukraine to convert from Roman Catholic to Russian Orthodox so that we could have an elaborate church wedding in her village of Vilkovo... the Wedding was wonderful...and I guess I made history in my wifes village...because ...being the first American to marry in her church, I was the first american to marry in her village. The people of her village made me feel at home especially her family.... all the VISA paperwork has been filed and I recently got a letter from the immagration service that they got my application and is now under review ... we will hear something from them on Dec 6... Now all I do is wait for my wifes arrival so the we may begin our future...Again I thank you Luckylovers ... you may use this letter as a testimonial... that your site works and is the best !...not only have I met my wife...I've made several friends on this site as well... You may use the pictures on my profile... as I posted a couple of wedding pics....again ...

Thank you LL for my new life....

Best Wishes to all

Rey & Olga, California

Update on Olga & Rey

Dear Luckylovers

I just wanted to Thank you once again and give you an update on how Luckylovers had changed my life for the better. My wife and I have been married for a year and a half since meeting on Luckylovers over two years ago and it seems that it is getting better with each day passing... my wife and I are expecting our first child together and this would not been possible without the help of Luckylovers which help me to find the love of my life on the other side of the world. We are in everyway the same ... Our character is almost identical and we share the same passion for life... who ever said opposites attract ... is so wrong... we are both head strong but we graciously give into each other. Don't get me wrong! we are not perfect ... we have on occasions had some disagreements but we made it a point to not go to bed mad. My wife has only been in America for only six months and she got her California Drivers License and is PADI Qualified so that we can go diving along the coast or some South Pacific Island. She Indulges in all my activities... Paintball ... Boxing ... and Thai Boxing .... She may be the next World Kickboxing Champion... but that will be after the Baby Of Course. We just found out last week so I thought I come on Luckylovers and Say Once Again Thank You form the bottom of our hearts... we could'nt have done it without you...

Olga & Rey, California, November 2007

P.S. You can use this letter as a testimony and the pictures which our posted on this profile

hello LL. is the best and easy organized meeting net. Very proffessional and special simply and effective.Now i can say 3 month stop and maybe i found my most beautifull flower.
I will recomment your side!

Rien H. Netherlands

I believe that I have met the woman of my dreams and want to remove my profile, I no longer need it on the site.

Thank you so much for your help.

Keith, Missouri

Hi Lucky Lovers Support Staff,

I wish to thank you all for the wonderful service that you operate and, in particular, for enabling me to achieve such great happiness. I met my wife about one year ago on LuckyLovers and we married in Irkutsk on 30 December, 2005.
Kindest regards,

Phillip, Australia

Thank you Lucky Lovers. I have met a nice and beautiful woman from Rostov-on-Don and we plan to marry.

Edmund, California

Update from Rodge and Lora:
Greetings from Rodge & Lora, Many thanks for your message, your kind wishes are most appreciated. We have been living here for some 8 months now and are both blissfully happy. It has been interesting for me (Rodge) to watch Lora change from a 'Big City' girl to a 'country' girl. We had some worries that our location might have proved a problem for her, she has never lived away from a City, and never in her life had a garden. But, she has settled in and now wouldn't return to another city, our life here is too happy for her. Lora is everything I have always wanted in a Wife, and an even better 'best friend'. I must thank Lucky Lovers once more for allowing us to meet, both of us have seen our dreams come true. I've added some images, mostly of Lora, and you are welcome to use them as you wish - I rarely take a good photograph and dislike the camera very much !! We both hope that Lucky Lovers continues from strength to strength, one of the few websites on the net which does as it claims.
Our Warmest Regards,

Rodge & Lora (larisa001)



Hello, dear Lucky Lovers! Thank you very much for everything! I will send you my favorite pictures. I hope you will like them. My hustband Gary wrote the message to you too. I wish you the all the best!!! Sincerely, Val

Its been a couple of years since I was on your web site, and my wife Val informed me of your Email correspondances. Thanks for your good wishes. Everything is great here. As Val told you we have been married almost one year now, and we couldnt be happier. I was very impressed by your web site, and reccomend it to other friends and family. As well, I wish you all the best and a successful business. To all the guys, I would like to tell them, "dont listen to the negative stereotypes about Russian women. There are MANY beautiful intelligent Russian girls out there looking for good guys like you. Be careful, but dont be afraid to try this, it works. I am living proof."

Yours Truly, Gary


News from Valentina ! we received her thank you message in 2002 (check testimonials below) and now we have an update and great news - Valentina and her husband are married for about a year already and they will have their 1 year anniversary on September, 2005 - Happy Anniversary, guys! God Bless your family!

Dear, Randy and Stasya
Thanks to your website, I have met the most wonderful man, I love with all my heart, we have our anniversary in 3 weeks, on September 18th
Your wonderful site works, you are helping people meet their soulmates and happynes. For more then a year I am living in USA, New Jersy. All our friends in states and Russia are asking us for the address of your website, since they see - internet dating really works, we are glad to refer your site to our friends, since we want our friends to be happy to..
I have created my personal website about my life in USA, it is and think, it will help girls to know more about life here and about my experience.

Здравствуйте, милая Стася и Ренди!
Благодаря вашему сайту я нашла любимого и самого замечательного человека, с которым у нас через 3 недели, точнее 18 сентября будет первая годовщина свадьбы! Ваш замечательный сайт делает великое дело, вы помогаете одиноким людям найти счастье в жизни. Уже больше года я живу в США, в Нью Джерcи. Многие знакомые и друзья моего мужа спрашивают адрес вашего сайта, так же как и многие мои подруги из России. Потому что видят, что это на самом деле реально. И мы с большим удовольствием даем им адрес вашего сайта, потому что мы счастливы вместе и ходим, чтобы наши друзья тоже были счастливы. Пожалуйста, не сочтите за рекламу, но я создала свой сайт о моей жизни в США, думаю, что многим женщинам и девушкам будет интересно и полезно узнать мой опыт жизни здесь. И хорошее и плохое, мой личный опыт, как девушки, приехавшей в США по визе невесты. Адрес моего сайта:
Кстати, я уж не знаю, как вы, ребята догадались, но в отзывах вы поместили письмо моего ( теперь уже) мужа сразу же после моего!!!! Просто поразительно! Еще раз большое вам спасибо за все! Искренне желаю счастья вашей семье!

Всего вам самого доброго, Валентина.

Greetings Folks,
I see that I have just a few days left on my membership. So, I must tell you that I will not be renewing as I have found my Lady. This is purely as a result of your wonderful site, I could not be more grateful. We have been married for nearly four months, and my Larisa now lives in the UK with me. Certainly we had problems, distance being only one, but now we are together and couldn't be more happy. I would want to offer hope to all your members that there 'IS' someone out there, I've proved it !!!
I have to offer my thanks for your superb site and the marvelous way that individuals can meet each other and become aquainted. For sure, it won't lead to romance and 'ever lasting love' every time, but one chance is a lot better than 'no chance'.
My Wife and I wish all your members future happiness and all that we have found in each other.
Thanky ou, if you would wish to use some of our photographs for publicity or marketing, please let me know, we would be only too pleased.

Rodge and Lora. (rodge and Larisa001) UK-Wales

Thank you for your attention to my oversight. I have had a hole in my life that your website fills.
Thank You

Steve, USA-Florida

DREAMCATCHER_61, Wisconsin

I would like to thank all the staff at LL for this wonderful site and i wish everyone the best of luck in there family , health , bussiness

Thanks Culver, USA

don't have any problems i actually just want to tell you that this is the best singles/penpal site i've ever been to. it's got everything and it's free. i already have penpals and i just joined. many other sites say they are free but they end up making you pay to read your messages. you guys are great and i'm going to tell all my friends to use
thank you.

- Rashel, USA-Massachusetts

no question just wanted to say your site is the best hands down!!!!

steve s. USA-Wisconsin

Hello . My memebership runs out in a couple of days, and I do NOT wish to renew it. I've met someone through your site and I'm going to visit her in a couple of weeks. So that's why. I want to thank you and the entire Lucky Lovers staff, your site is the best!
Thanks for everything.

Nasser, Netherlands

Hello there with lot happyness what I writte this lines for to thank Lucky lovers because here I meet my true love I am very happy ,thank for all people what work for site Lucky Lovers ,because is site is really great "love in the air" always here
Kisses and thanks for all.

ID 142166 Eliane, Brazil

I just wish to pass on my compliments to you on the efforts you have put into this website. During my time here I have found it almost addictive to be following the micro-world inside LL. And judging by the number of posts in the Forum, a significant number of people do actually find their match.
My hat off to you,


Thank you very much for you promptness and attention. I will probably stay a member for a long time to come. I enjoy your site and appreciate your attention. I just wanted to say thanks, I work in the customer service industry also and sometimes we as customers forget to say thanks.

Mike R.

not really a question, more a compliment, I just wanted to say thanks someone for coming up with a great site like this, that is a fresh look, promotes honesty and looking out for its members, has some great search features that make everything easy and good. And not ripping people off, its pretty faultless if I think about it, love the scam policy and whole website is a pleasure to be on. Its enough sucking up lol, but just think its a refreshing change as some love/datings sites are so bland and have far too many people abusing the system and untrusty people.

Philip, UK

dear lucky lovers support team
l want to celebrate you are very creative persons.l like so much the last surprise about seeming pictures near ID is so wonderful success.
thanks in the name of users.

RIFAT, Turkey

No Questions Just thank you your Lucky Lovers site is great I am new on the computer and this is the best site I have seen.
So Thank You

Gloria, California

No problem -- just a compliment. Showing pictures when rolling over the ID # is excellent. Seriously, you always seem to be one step ahead of the other sites in usability and sophistication.

Gene2004, Florida

please tell me how to remove my profile. i have found the girl of my dreams Anastasia, #75965, we are to be married in the next 3 months, i want to thank you for making this possible with the most beautiful person, i have ever been in love with. we will write you together, when she arrives.

ID 68926, moviebill11, California

Спасибо за предоставленную Вами возможность пообщаться в Вашем клубе. Это самый прекрасный сайт из тех которые я знаю и я многим порекомендовал зарегистрироваться и найти реального человека на вашем сайте. Еще раз большое спасибо желаю вам дальнейших успехов в ваших делах. С огромным уважением и любовью к вам,

Гюндуз, Azerbaijan

To whom this may concern
i am writing to inform that i have only joined in the last week , and this is not one of , but is the best i am having so mush fun . keep up the good work
many thanks .


And thank you for a really good experience with internet dating on your outstanding site, it is a plesure to see how well it functions.

Arne, Denmark

Hi....I don't really have a question, but I have now found my "Ideal Woman" thanks to your LL site..... So please except my thanks, and congratulations on the "Best Personal site ever" However, both my "new girl" and I feel that I should now leave your club, as I am still receiving many contacts from other ladies, which as I am now "fixed up" is not fair on them, or my new girlfriend..... Sorry about my "long winded" letter, but I could not find a way to end my membership, on your site....
Once again Many Thanks, and keep up the good work...
Kind Regards.......


Greetings LL team. I am a new member and to tell you the truth I did not think I would ever meet anyone...But I thank God first and your site for making it possible to meet the girl of my dreams..I no longer have need of this site, please disable my account...i will pass on the word of this site to the other lonely people of the world but as for me I have found my girl..
Thank you and please sent me a confirmation of the cancellation,

Jose, USA-California

Dorogie LL, ya segodnya samiy cchastliviy chelovek. Ya vlyubilcya,i pohozhe ya vlyubilcya ponastoyashemu,spasibo vam za to chto Vi esct'!!!. Blagodaryu vas za to ,chto vi mne dali vozmozhnoct' vstretit' moyu mechtu,kotoruyu ya uzhe ishu ctol'ko let. SPASIBO VAM.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ya ochen' cchastliv.


hi! this is not a question! i would only say thanks for all! I have meet fantastic girl with this site! Thank you so much! have a nice 2004 Stasya, with many many love!
bye bye,

Sem, Switzerland

I'm from Miami. She's from St Petersburg. We met on Lucky Lovers. Now we're getting married. Great girls and most user-friendly site.
Thanks. Jeff, USA-Virginia

Dear LL TEAM ! Your agency is the best of the best! I really enjoy my membership here.Thank You very much.I wish all of you all the best in your work. MERRY X-MAS ! A HAPPY NEW YEAR !

Liudmila, Lithuania

I have no question. I only will to tell you - You have a fantasy site. Easy to understand and no question about payment. I want to thank you for this site.

With regards and thanks from Lars-Åke in Sweden

dear lucky lovers team l want to celebrate all of you.because l like everything what you made on your web site.where should l start l don't know.your pages are really so simple and so can reach everywhere vey easily.l try to find something to criticize but l couldn't find nothing.l cancelled all my memberships to other date com sites and l will keep only lucky lovers.because their understanding bothering me.there are a lot of advertisement on the page and this make me tired of my eyes.l can say many good words about you but you understood what l mean.many thanks for your creation.l wish you big success.

RIFAT, Turkey

Wow.. this project of yours works. My first time ever and I have spent most of this day writing "thanks"and "no thanks" letters. Your statistics will be better than my memory.

Rob, Melbourne, Australia

Hi there,
Just to let you know that I met member OLSKRIP on this site in January this year. She visited me in South Africa for the entire month of April. She returned to Ulyanovsk in Russia after her stay and is coming back to South Africa on the 2nd July. We intend getting married before the end of the year. I have been searching for a partner on Internet for more than five years. She was lucky, I think that she had only registered with your site in January this year and had not registered anywhere else.
Best wishes,

Graham, South Africa

Thanks so much for this very useful service! For me this service has actually been TOO Successful, and I now correspond with more women than I can honestly relate to! If it is possible to remove my profile before the expiration date, then please do so, with my full permission. I feel badly about not responding to women who still contact me, but I've simply reached my limit.

Lyle, USA-California, June

Дорогие ребята, сегодня я первый день на вашем сайте- а такое чувство- что всё это время без Вас было потеряно!!! СПАСИБО, надеюсь с Вашей помощью найти истинную Любовь !!

Tatiana, Ukraine

I have no problems or complaints. Actually this service is awesome. I love it. Especially the translator, I can speak to anyone with ease. I signed on a few days ago and got full membership today. There is so much to do and is offered. You cant beat this deal. Thx,......

Tony, USA-Louisiana

мне очень нравиться вш сайт знакомств. И нравиться в нем все, вы наверное много работаете над ним. Я просматривала и работала со многими сайтами, но там много непонятного, и много ошибок. А у вас все просто, четко и очень быстро. А приватный чат - это просто прелесть. Особая благодарность вам за вашу работу и стремление помочь людям.
С уважением,


dear friends, I thought that I would not meet people online who are so caring and friendly as you are, you are doing a great job brining single people from all over the world together, helping us to find new friends and soul mates, it is obvious your soul is in this site and you truly work for us, your customers, in this world when money means almost everything it is so touching to meet some one as you..
Thank you dear Stasya and all LL team for creating this online dating site for singles, thank you for everything!


I thank you very much for your concern and caring. You real make my day and you have added to me life. thanks for remenbering me and I all ways be your friend indeed.

Plato Owulezi

дорогие друзья! Пусть Вам сопуствует удача и дело которое Вы делаете думаю не прпадет Будьте счастливы и пусть Вам сопутствует удача!
Суважением Игорь Песков он же golddiv

Dear founders of Club! It is grateful to you for your work and care of us. In total you of the best in your Club and happiness.


Thanks Lucky Lovers. please, delete me from our Marriage club.I have finded my lovely half, and I have got married.
All the best,


Thank you that you are. And I am grateful, that my questionnaire was placed on your site.
With the best regards,


I am thankful for your site, as I have met so many loving and beautiful women.
Best Regards,


I find so many friend in Lucky Lovers. And I heppy to came to LL even every days. My best regards to you too
Sorry for my english.


I need to delete my profile I have found my future husband! I was very happy be with you, you are the best site!


Dear Lucky Lovers!
you are the best online dating service for singles, with your help I have found a wonderful woman I am going to marry, thank you for your constant support, for your web site and for all the joy you give single people,

Mark, Germany, Berlin

Dear Stasya and Randy!
I am very happy- I met my truth love ,thank you ! I wanted to delete my add in LuckyLovers ,help me in it. I wish all luck to all your members!

steffany, ID 3690, Stella

Стася, Ренди!
Вы не представляете, как я счастлива. Благодаря Вам!!!!!! Я нашла свою любовь на вашем сайте. В июне будет свадьба. А мы уже придумываем имена детям. :) Я - самая счастливая на свете!!! Еще раз - спасибо!!! Вы стольких людей делаете счастливыми!!!

Stasya, Randy! I am unbelievably happy, thanks to your site i have found my love and we are going to get married in June!!! I am the happiest person in the whole world!!
! One more time thank you!!!


Site is great and as far as i am concerned on e of the better dating sites from the Eastern part of the world

Continued success,
Steve England

I want to sincerely thank you because through your service I have met the most wonderful and beautiful lady that I plan to marry.


It is my very happy privilege and pleasure to inform you that I have found a beautiful Russian woman who will soon be my wife.

Thank You for the chance of a lifetime and I will definitely recommend this site to everyone.

Please Remove my Name.

Sincerely,Al Kelly

Great remodel of the site and the response times are far greater.


LuckyLovers is the best Dating site, since I have met here the most wonderful man in the whole Universe!

Уважаемые дорогие и любимые Стася и Ренди!!!
Я недавно удалила свою анкету, т.к. нашла человека, которого искала и более она мне не нужна.
Каково же было мое удивление, когда я зашла на ваш сайт и увидела на первой странице ЕГО фотографию с подписью "Я нашел ту, которую искал" (он удалил свою анкету еще раньше чем я).
Я хотела бы попросить вас, пожалуйста, поместите мою фотографию на вашу первую страницу (фото прилагаю).
Понимаете дело еще в том, что завтра (мамочки, уже сегодня - 12.01) у моего любимого день рождения и я хочу сделать ему такой приятный сюрприз.
И пожалуйста, напишите "LuckyLovers - лучший сайт знакомств, потому что здесь я нашла самого замечательного человека на свете".
Заранее благодарна.


I found what i was looking for. I wanted to thank you for a wonderful site with great service and lots of real girls, no fakes.


I have found my LOVE right here on Luckylovers!!
I am her knight and she is my princess :)) She is "nimfa26". Soo sweet.. What a beautifull soul....
Hey L.L !!! I owe you..

Andre (Noble_knight_of_Norway)

I found my noble knight, he is the one who was always in my dream. And I want to say thanx to LuckyLovers for this. Natalia (nimfa26)

Phil and Yulia - read the whole story!


i am impressed with your site and the users too. ive only run into 2 or 3 snooty chicks, all the rest are very friendly. you are doing a good job. best such site i have seen in 2 years of hunting.


I was very impressed with the response rate of your service..
. it is by far the best I have ever seen...thank you for offering it....


Hi Stasya and Randy! I want to tell you thank you for your wondeful site, thanks to your service I have found a wonderful man.
ID 4994.


Здравствуйте Стася и Ренди!
Хочу сказать вам большое спасибо за ваш необыкновенный сайт.
Благодаря вам я нашла удивительного человека, замечательного друга, чуткого и отзывчивого.
Весной мы собираемся встретиться. Я очень надеюсь что у нас все будет хорошо. Поэтому я прошу вас удалить мою анкету, хотя мне очень жалко с вами расставаться.
Желаю вам счастья и успехов в работе. Вы делаете доброе дело для огромного числа одиноких людей .
Мой ID 4994.

Еще раз благодарю, Eve

i looked over a lot of sites and i think that your site is one of the best sites that i have seen within the 7 days i am lookin on the internet.
I grew up in germany and met with many Russian and Poland Women before and i know that they have the attitude and that they are REALLY smart and know what they want from life. SO i am looking forward to get to know a few Women from your site and rest asured i will be Mentioning your site to a lot of friends that are members on other sites and pay alot of money for really bad service.
You guys are doing a great job...
thanks and have a happy new year and all the best to you...


Dear Stasya
A while back you said you welcome feedback on your website. Well I think your website is very good compared to other similar sites.It is very affordable to most people and well organised and I am happy to be on it and communicate with the ladies and hope to find my right match.
Thanking you,


Большое спасибо за вашу помощь в выборе партнера. Вы самая лучшая фирма в которую я обращалась.
Ваш сайт и ваши услуги очень удобны в пользовании.
Благодарю вас от своего имени и от имени своих подруг которые в ближайшее время обязательно воспользуются вашими услугами.
Большое вам спасибо.
Желаю вам больших успехов в новом году и желаю счастливого рождества.


Please remove me from your site as I have found and married a wonderful lady from the Ukraine.
You have a great site....keep it up

Thanks, Jay

I have met one really nice person on your web site. We are going to be married soon. When i placed my add i did not expect to get any messages very soon, but in a couple of weeks I have sent message myself and received a response from a guy! Jordan lives in Frederick, Maryland, USA and i am from Russia. We have met two times already here in Volgograd and in Europe in Prague. It was a wonderful time together, i have never thought that i can meet somebody who is so understanding and sensitive. We understand each other without words. We have common desires, we like the same things, we have common interests. It is unbelievable! We are going to get married in May, and then will start our immigration process. I do not think i will miss my country very much, cause my other half and life of my life will be with me. Moreover, Jordan promised me that i will be able to come to see my relatives and friends any time i want! I am going to have the best husband! We are very thankful to you - Stasya and Randy! I did not believe you Stasya, when you were sending us your letters saying to be patient, saying that everything is possible in this life and miracles do happen. Miracle has happened with me too! I am happy and wish everybody be happy also!

Natalia (ex-member of LuckyLovers, username was NATA-33)
Jordan (ex-member of LuckyLovers, username was Diverdude)

Я много раз подавала анкеты в разные агенства и никогда и нигде не встречала такой оперативности, внимания и культуры,как у Вас!
Большое Вам спасибо от всего сердца за то, что Вы есть!..
В одном из агенств анкету ввели,а писать никому возможности нет уже...полгода!.. У меня, благодаря Вам,появилась надежда. Желаю Вам счастья,любви,благоденствия и удачи!
Спасибо Вам!..

С уважением- Римма

Thank you for a great business model and a goood service.


I have friends that married foreign men through some russian dating sites. From their letters I knew that they had a wonderful and happy family, they were surrounded by tenderness, love and respect. Knowing this put the idea into my head -I decided to post my information to a club. In a couple of months I received the first letter from a 35 year old man from the US. After I read it I realized how big the difference was between Ukrainian and American men. He called me and sent letters many, many times during each week. And I had a feeling that I would be unable to live without him. To be honest I didn’t think before that it was possible to love man without having met him in person yet. But I changed my mind because I always looked forward to his calling just so I could hear his lovely voice, to tell him that I missed very much. Then on 8 of March, just 4 months after receiving his first letter, I received the most beautiful roses I had ever seen in my life and a stuffed teddy bear, my heart melted with happiness. It was such a big surprise for me. I knew that I had found the second part of my heart and soul! I have been in love with the man who lived so far from me. We corresponded for 9 months then he came to visit me in Odessa. It was wonderful and we spent a lot of time alone and with my family. When he was to leave we both knew that we would be together soon and always. And now I am sure distance does not matter if a man and woman love each other and desire to create happy family.

Olga and Ken, USA

To the owners of Lucky Lovers.
I would like to take the time to thank you for your web site. Not only does it work but I have really found a lady that I like very much. Who knows soon my story may be the same as yours. And to give you feedback on the online messanger. It is the best thing that I have found. It is a waty that you can say everthing that you want to without being missunderstood. Thank you so much for all your help. You 2 should feel very good that you help people find the Love of their life. Thank you again.


I think you folks have the best site!


Здравствуйте, уважаемый LuckyLovers!!!!!!!!!!
Здравствуйте, уважаемые Стася и Ренди!!!!!!!!!! Спасибо Вам большое за ваш прекрасный сайт знакомств! Когда я поместила у вас свою анкету, мне стали приходить письма в большом количестве. И однажды мне написал один очень симпатичный парень из США. Мне очень понравилось его письмо, оно очень отличалось от многих писем других мужчин. Его письмо было очень искренним и с хорошим чувством юмора. Я ответила ему и мы стали переписываться через E-mail, присылать друг другу свои фото и рассказывать о себе, и выяснилось, что у нас очень много общего. Сейчас у нас все просто замечательно и мы собираемся встретиться в ближайшем будущем! Мне немного жаль было убирать мою анкету с вашего сайта, потому что, конечно, приятно получать письма от разных мужчин из разных стран, но когда я поняла, что встретила парня, о котором я мечтала, я решила, что так будет лучше. Спасибо вам большое и всего вам самого хорошего!
С уважением,


Dear LuckyLovers!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you very much for your wonderful website! I have received a lot of letter after i have placed my profile here, but once i have received an absolutely unusual funny and intersting letter from one guy from USA. I wrote him back, we started to correspond, found out that we have a lot in comon. We are doing absolutely fine now and we are going to meet soon! I felt sorry asking you to remove my profile, since it was real fun, to meet so many intersting people, but i realized that i have met my one and only and i 'd better do it. Thank you very much and all the best!
Respectfully Yours,


Hi there : )
I wanted to say "thank you" for helping me meet the woman of my dreams. I had no idea when I did this that it would be so easy to find her when I had been searching here in the US for almost 30 years. Guess I was "looking for love in all the wrong places" HAHA But unfortunately, not that I have found her, I must remove my ad from your site. I feel bad because other people are writing to me whom I am not even interested, and it is not fair for them to see someone who is "Unavailable". So I ask that at this time you remove my ad. My member name is "Troubble27, ID #5263. I will continue to refer my friends and people I meet to your site so that perhaps they will find what they are looking for as well.
Yours Truly

Gary : )

Dear Stasya -
I am immensely pleased with your web site and your service. You are constantly developing it for ease of use and seem sincerely interested in making it an affordable pleasant experience and accessible for those who may not normally be able to connect or contact a new person for friendships or relationships. I have made a few quality contacts now mostly just friendships but that is what is important for developing a relationship. I think if other more expensive, restrictive sites were to take lessons from you they would see a general increase in new customers. I have seen some sites that just do not seem to care about the customer. They see success as how much money they are making as opposed to truly caring about bringing people and couples together. I would highly recommend your site and service to anyone. Once visited, viewers will understand why you have the most popular site at this time.


Dear Stasya
Just a quick line in response to your letter and to let you know that I more than pleased with agency, the site itself is brilliant, and unique. So well done. I am now in regular contact with a couple of very attractive women, who I might add, contacted me in the first place, I have had to do no searching at all. No bad things at all, and I have already passed the site details onto several of my friends who are in a similar position to me. Well at the end of the month my membership will expire, so once again thank you, a nd fingers crossed something permanent will come from writing to these ladies. And if it doesn't I will know where to come back to. So once again thank you for your assistance and keep up the good work.


Dear Sir or Madam:
Thank you for your service. I did find the woman I have searched the whole world for and I found her on Luckylovers. I will not need it, so please take my profile off your service. My ID # is 3906 and my username is Jazzical. I take it I will not be billed in the future. Thank you very much. I will spread your name around to my friends should they need this service in the future.


Hi Stasya,
Yes, indeed, until now I've been very pleased with your service! Have already received a lot of letters from some of our sweet ladies, at our site, and I must say I'm getting more and more astonished over the women's personality in your country! Haven't dreamt of that! Have known a certain amount of girls in my home country and many of them weren't half that mature as the one I've been talking with until now, well that's my impression until now, but I'm rarely wrong! So please keep up our great work, and I hope you will make a lot people lucky with your work. And who knows maybe I'll become one of them ;))


Hi, Luckylovers!
I have found my love. Thank you for the time I had my profile on your site - its a great site you have, I hope you will help many other people to find each other.
yours truly,


Hi, dear owners of this wonderful website!
On my mind - this is the best dating site! A few days back I placed my profile and even did not expect that I would get letters so fast. Now I want to try to take part in your Beauty Pageant. (May be I will be lucky?!!!) I am very thankful to you,
member of LuckyLovers, EVE,

Здравствуйте, Уважаемые создатели этого велликолепного сайта!
По моему мнению- это самая лучшая служба знакомств. Несколько дне назад я поместила свою анкету на luckylovers, и не ожидала, что так скоро мне будут приходить письма. Теперь хочу попробовать свои силы в Конкурсе Красоты.(А вдруг повезет?!!!). Очень Вам благодарна,
ваша клиентка,


I am not looking for a life partner, just want to meet new friends. I like to correspond and I really like your site, I have a lot of fun and pleasure meeting so many interesting people!

Я не ищу спутника жизни, просто хочу найти новых друзей. Я очень люблю получать письма и еще мне очень нравится ваш сайт, знакомиться с кем-то интересным - я получаю массу удовольствий!


Hi, dear Stasya and Randy!
Your site it is so wonderful thing! So many people can get rid of lonelyness! Every person, even a very successful feels lonely when there is no a soul mate and somebody one truly loves. I want to present you my poem and think that feeling is common for majority of us. I thank you for everything what you do for us.
Best wishes, Lilia Kolebina. Nizhnevartovsk. Russia.

Здравствуйте дорогие Стася и Рэндал!
То, что вы организовали - замечательно! Сколько людей благодаря вам могут избавиться от одиночества и неустроенности. Как бы не был успешен человек и в социальном и творческом плане, но, когда рядом с ним нет сердца, стучавшего в унисон, нет искреннего, любящего сердца, то нет и полноты счастья, всегда есть ощущение одиночества. И как трудно отыскать того, единственного, когда ты поглощен буднями, бытом, подстегиваемый напором современных ритмов жизни.Я сейчас хочу подарить вам свои стихи, надеюсь то, о чем в них пишется, знакомо многим. " О, Боже, даруй же мне счастье иметь не одно - два крыла, Чтоб взмахом могучим взлетела, мечту я свою понесла, Пустыню свою, чтоб согрела, иссохший родник оживив, Дай пару мою, чтоб горела, теплом всех вокруг оживив"... Благодарю вас за тепло, которое вы дарите. Дело втом, что мне пришлось пройти через тяжелые потери и страдания. ( я не жалуюсь, для этого я достаточно сильный человек). В 1994 году погиб мой единственный младший братик, в 2000 году погиб мой старший сын, в 2001 году погиб мой муж. Я преодолела мужественно все трагические события, но внутри оставалась тягучая пустота. Слава Богу со мной мой младший сын - он адвокат и мои друзья. Моя подруга предложила зарегистрироваться и познакомиться с людьми в Интернет. Мне это стало очень интересным и вот сегодня я общаюсь с вами и искренне желаю успехов и Добра.
С уважением,

Лилия Колебина. Город Нижневартовск, Россия

Great site and lots of contacts I am very pleased!


I am pleased with your business, keep up the good work!


Just happen to stumble on this site and I am glad I did. Most agencies try to take americans for money, not here and the ladies are charming and beautiful.


A very good site!!! You deliver a very good service without ripping your customers off. After surfing/using two years on dating-sites, this one impresses me! This is one of the best.


This is the best web site I have ever seen or used.. awesome..........

Michael, New Orleans

Thank you very much for support. You are the best :-*

Tatyana, Russia

I have been very happy with your service . I have met a lady through your organization who I am flying to Moscow to meet In July then we will travel on to Kazan where she lives. We hope she will be coming to the USA and to be married soon . Thank you for helping me find this happiness.

Phillip, California

LuckyLovers is the best Russian Dating Agency on the net...A lot of personal ads, reasonable proces, sign up is free, free to send fixed messages - I have made new penpals and met my bride online here, thank you...

Steve K., USA

I was using an international dating service for years and no luck, here, online, I have found my love. Thank you LL,

David H., USA

у вас замечательный сайт!спасибо вам за него!вы молодцы!сколько видела сайтов ваш самый лучьший!!!!!спасибо!

Violetta, Israel

Хотелось бы передать множество хороших пожеланий всем, кто занимается этим сайтом, и помогает многим людям из разных стран находить друг друга.

Ваша постоянная клиентка
Nina, Ukraine