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LuckyLovers Animals Welfare Program - Get Involved and Make a Difference
           Animal abuse is not just the result of a minor personality flaw in the abuser but a symptom of a deep mental disturbance. Research in psychology and criminology shows that people who commit acts of cruelty toward animals don't stop there. A great many move on to make fellow humans their victims, and for many, the violence escalates to domestic violence and child or elder abuse. For some, the unchecked violence escalates to murder.
Dear friends,

Over the years, our team has been involved in different animal anti-abuse programs, we were implementing educational and charity websites, we constantly donate to several animal shelters, Humane Society, Wild Life associations and pet rescues. But while the situation is more or less under control in the Western countries, stray animals in Eastern Europe are subject to horrific abuse.

Our one of the main objectives at this time is the situation with stray animals in Ukraine.

Visiting Ukraine not even once, members of our team were shocked by the abuse of dogs and cats and government neglect. When caught by the dog catchers, some stray animals are used for painful experiments. Stray dogs are often bludgeoned or put to death by electricity or caught using an inhumane poison and sometimes die slow, painful deaths. Instead of putting an animal to sleep with the use of euthanasia (i.e. the act of killing an animal painlessly), the animal service uses dithylinum (suxamethonium chloride), a poison which paralyzes the animal and causes it to die of suffocation in a few hours of agony. There is ample evidence that the poor creatures are still conscious and feel all the pain before they die. It is often the case that animals are beaten with legs and metal sticks, whereupon they are buried or burned alive.

Lots of people witnessed animals being tortured and murdered - little kittens tied up in plastic bags and thrown in the river, people intentionally run stray pets over with their cars, newly born puppies dumped on vacant land without their mother and left them to die. Stories are endless and make hearts of every Human Being bleed.

Despite of new Animal protection laws signed in Ukraine, the situation did not change for the better.


Zaporozhie April 2007 Video

Kharkiv experiments on Animals Video

Time to kill Video (click play)

this movie was filmed with a hidden camera by the activists of "SOS", the Kiev society for animal rights protection:

http://maidan.org.ua/files/animals/sos2_56k.rm (right click todownload)  or   http://maidan.org.ua/files/animals/sos2.mpg (right click todownload)

Links in English:

Barbaric Slaughter in Kiev

The Bloody Slaughter in Chernihiv, May 2007

The Bloody Slaughter in Chernihiv Petition, May 2007

Links in Russian and Ukrainian: (please, use online transalor to translate the text)

International Animal Protection Day - Slaughter in Ukraine - October 4, 2007

Zaporozhie April 2007

Black market for animals

Animal cruelty non-stop 1, Septebmber 2007

Animal cruelty non-stop 2, Septebmber 2007

Animal cruelty non-stop 3

Animal cruelty non-stop 4

illegal shooting Zaporozhie, May 2007

illegal shooting Kharkov, October, 2007

illegal shooting Lvov, February 2007

Kiev animal service still uses dithylinum

Any hope for Kiev? what about other regions?

Odessa animal service officers were torturing animals

In Simferopol, locals say that stray dogs are shot with bullets containing some kind of a drug that is supposed to put animal down, but instead of using 20 ml of the drug, they use only 1 ml or 2 ml to only temporarily disable them and then burn animals who are still in fact alive at the solid waste dump station.
Source - 1k.com.ua.

Authorities of small Ukrainian communities for ever used and are still using different kind of poison - rat poison and recently they "discovered" a new method of killing stray animals - Isoniazidum (Tubazidum) anti-tuberculosis drug causing cheap, but very slow and painful death

Kharkov, Sumi (russian)    Tatarbunari (russian)    Odessa (russian)   

One of the LL Admins was a witness to a barbaric stray animals slaughter right before the Parliament Election in September, 2007 in the small town of Hmelnik in Vinnitsa region. The town authorities were getting ready for the election by poisoning stray dogs and cats with Tubazidum. Locals say this inhuman procedure is conducted a few times a year, each year! A few members of our team who were in Ukraine at the moment, did everything possible to save at least little puppies, they got a car, loaded little guys and those dogs who were around and brought them to Gostomel Shelter for Stray Animals. But hundreds of those who were left behind died slow and painful death.

We are requesting all concerned people to get involved! Please join us in this caring mission of hope on behalf of thousands of innocent and silent voices in Ukraine. They have no one else and really need our help.

What You can do
1 Send letters and emails - click here for the letter samples

2 Sign LuckyLovers petition to the Ukrainian government

3 Donate to Gostomel Shelter and Kiev City Society for the Protection of Animals

4 Tell your friends and family, ask them to sign the petition

5 Place a banner on your website or in your blog or as your signature in forums -
click here to view samples of banners and get html code

Shelter more photos
More then a year back, we started to look for a way to help and in our forum we came across one of our members post about Gostomel Shelter for Stray Animals and decided to check it out. We have met devoted wonderful people and hundreds of dogs and cats out there.

The owner of the Shelter is a very special person - Asia V. Serpinskaya, President of Kiev City Society for the Protection of Animals and a Member of the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA), is an associate professor of Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture, who has pawned her own apartment to start the Shelter and to save lives.

This amazing woman along with a few volunteers does everything possible and impossible to keep the Shelter alive. The shelter receives no government funding, it is supported personally by Asia V. Serpinskaya and her family, some volunteers and occasional donations from good samaritans. The shelter is based in an old farm, which needs repairs, it does not have utilities, food is cooked on a wood stove, wood stoves are used for heating as well. The only transportation used by the Shelter is an old car which belongs to the family of Asia V. Serpinskaya, it is used for all the main needs - food, building materials, wood delivery, for all the other purposes the owner and her family use public transport, to save money for the shelter.

Since our very first visit we are constantly helping this shelter, but it's way not enough.

Gostomel Shelter is in critical situation and desperately needs help!

Here we are asking You to get involved and help those poor animals. LuckyLovers - MatesMaster is collecting donations on behalf of Gostomel Animal Shelter. Every single donation will be listed in our forum, we will keep track of all the transactions and will be transferring all the funds collected to the Shelter - discussions and reports in Forum

To send a donation, please, go to PayPal click on SEND MONEY link on the top, and send your donation to donations@luckylovers.net

Please, include your Username if you are a member of the site and any other information, you want us to publish, your name, email or business information. If you are not able to send money via PayPal, please, contact LL Support (contact us link in members Private Zone to find out what other options are available) . If you are not a member of the site, please, tell us who you are, who we can thank.

You are also welcome to donate to The Gostomel Shelter for Stray Animals directly:
The Gostomel Shelter for Stray Animals Payment details

    if you send your donation directly to the Shelter, after the transfer is done, please, contact us to let us know about your donation and who can we thank, we are making a list of all people and businesses to post here and in our forum.

Please, contact the Shelter directly in case you have questions or if you are able to help some other way - the Shelter is happy to get any help you can provide - medication, building materials, food, beds etc.

Gostomel Shelter Contact Information

Gostomel Shelter Directions    directions in pictures

Not once we had a chance to see how many kind sympathetic wonderful people we are lucky to have as members on this site. All of us together can make a difference.

Thank you, LL Team