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Guys, many of us have bedded a number of women and have experienced this moaning thing by the womenfolk during sex. We have also seen porn stars moan like hell and the popular media keeps dishing out these images.

The question - Is a womanís moaning during sex automatic, uncontrolled, instinctive response to how her man is handling her or is her moaning a voluntary thing for a woman to behave during sex?

Many of the answers I hear from guys and womenfolk are that this is how a woman should react during sex to demonstrate her womanhood. Some womenfolks have noted that moaning during sex helps them experience pleasure - it helps move them and their orgasm along - as the woman gets into it, she may become extremely vocal, and then move into a period of quiet as she is on the verge.

Others note that a womanís moaning is to make her man feel good and to lift his self confidence. Iíve heard womenfolks telling that their moaning during sex is just a performance for a guyís benefit. This is especially true when we are already loaded with images that show moaning associated with orgasm and sexual pleasure and not to mention men already tend to associate moaning with orgasm and can be easily duped by a fake orgasm.

This view is backed by recent research, where a study by the University of Leeds (May 2011) found about 66% of a 5000 sample women moaned during sex not because they were having orgasm but to expedite their partnerís climax, while an amazing 87% stated that they moaned to boost their manís self-esteem. Yet another study by Indiana University (Oct 2010) noted that women also moaned during sex to relieve boredom, fatigue and pain or discomfort.

Overall, it seems that when it comes to moaning, women know that it is a turn-on for guys, and many women ultimately enjoy it because theyíve made an effort to push a little beyond what comes naturally. While it may not be a smart thing to fake orgasm, and lying to the man that he is doing everything right, when in fact he isnít, womenfolks could be a bit honest to use moaning as a way of signaling that they are excited and things really are feeling good.

So letís get our women folks to make genuine moans!


laggl, sams777