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Russian women in New Hampshire. LuckyLovers is a popular dating site and online community to meet women from New Hampshire and single women and men from all over the World. Not all women on our website are beautiful, young and sexy, not all men are wealthy and fit, but they are real, real and ordinary and beautiful New Hampshire women sometimes sexy and hot, sometimes young and old. Here you will find online real people of all ages and looks, some Russian women in New Hampshire interested in marriage, others are looking for dating or serious relationship, some are seeking internet penpals and friends or simply want to find dates to travel. There is someone for everyone on this site!
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ID 677222

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Age49 y.o / 21st February 1969 / Pisces
CountryUSA-New Hampshire    Manchester
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ID 557428

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Age39 y.o / 14th September 1978 / Virgo
CountryUSA-New Hampshire    Dover
PurposeFun, Traveling, Penpal, Friendship, Online Chat
My Life Goal/Dream   To be a part of something greater than myself.... To die feeling as if I had lived my life to the fullest, for I would be sad knowing I just let time slip away. Time is something there is never enough of. The world fascinates me as do all the people who populate it. I crave knowledge and want to learn about everything and everywhere.....
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My self summaryOkay WOW! Im wicked new here and not really sure how all of this works. Umm So it's been 10 min and I have these messages from people and Im sorry bare with me, I have yet to figure out how to respond LOL! I will figure it out.....

ID 523159

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Age41 y.o / 27th August 1976 / Virgo
CountryUSA-New Hampshire    Portsmouth
PurposeMarriage, Relationship, Penpal, Friendship
My Life Goal/Dream   Быть любимой и дарить свою любовь
My Likesум и мудрость ,доброта и щедрость
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