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Nanjing men looking for beautiful russian women and young russian girls in Nanjing

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Age50 y.o / 22nd February 1968 / Pisces
CountryChina (Nanjing)
Last Login19th October 2012
PurposeRelationship, Fun, Traveling, Penpal, Friendship, Online Chat
My Life Goal/Dream   Wanting to know more about truth, about humanity, about mutual-understanding
My Likesstudying bible in different verbal versions
My Dislikesworking without any personal pursuits
My self summaryno matter men or women, child or old men, countrymen or foreigners, I am willing to get known with any person provided we share the same likes and interests

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Age30 y.o / 9th May 1987 / Taurus
CountryChina (Nanjing)
Last Login31st January 2012
My Life Goal/Dream   
My Likes
My Dislikes
My self summary

ID 268312

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Age57 y.o / 7th July 1960 / Cancer
CountryChina (Nanjing)
Last Login10th October 2011
My Life Goal/Dream   To marry the right person and create an interesting, exciting family.
My LikesI love my work, I like travelling, the latest movies, books, creative meaningful conversation
My DislikesDishonesty, betrayal, lack of honor
My self summaryMy name is Peter Thomas. I was born in Vancouver, Canada. I went to Law School in California and spent most of my life in Canada, the USA and Europe. Now I am a business executive in North Asia. Please contact me . . .